RME confusion

Hi, please can anybody help me with this RME HDSP 9632 card…It’s in the comp ok, I can play what I have in a project ok, I can see the signal from my mic pre amp on the top row of total mix and I can see it at stereo in on the Cubase mixer and I can see it on the vox track and record it…no problem but I’m having difficulty using the reverb within Cubase on the vox…
I was using focusrite pro 24 and always had the monitor button in (yellow) when tracking a vox which gave me access to a reverb just for monitoring purposes, the vox went on to the track dry, never had any latency problems…
for some reason I can not fathom the verb is not on the vox during tracking and I can’t figure out if it’s something to do with the card or Cubase…the instructions with the rme card are extremely convoluted (to me anyway) and I’m basically out of ideas as to what’s wrong though I’m sure it’s down to me…never was good at this stuff.

any help much appreciated and thanks, Kevin

Just realised that if I play drums from my midi keyboard it plays with the reverb wether the monitor button is in or not, confuses me even more, why is not on the vox?..Kevn

And you are using ASIO Direct monitoring , or you are not using it…?
The reverb is a vst plugin inside Cubase…?
and it´s used how? As send? as insert?
Useful info - useful help…
If it´s a VST plugin, its output plays via the playback channels. and must be routed to your monitorig output. And that of course only if not in ADM mode.

Hi, yes I’m using asio direct monitoring
yes the reverb is a plugin inside cubase used as a send

the whole mix thing has got me confused, it’s not exactly intuitive is it?
so should I not be using direct monitoring?
I’m doing what I was doing with the saffire pro 24 which presented no prblems

thanks for looking in to help, much appreciated…Kevin

You mustn’t use direct (sic) monitoring, as you need to divert your signal to the daw to feed it through the vst plugin.

my signal is in the DAW, I can record it no problem :confused:

Well, I really think it is, especially in submix mode

But monitoring in ADM-mode is done via the Hardware. So although the signal record, the signal you hear is the signal routed directly from the interface input to the output before it gets into Cubase.
You either have to monitor via Cubase, or use the Totalmix mixer without being in ADM mode.

I reckon you must be an Oxford don to think this is intuitive, just the explanation above confuses me…I meant intuitive in the normal analogue way…I thank you for your help but I’ve already taken it out of my computer and I intend to find something that makes more sense to a simple muso like me…thanks to everyone who looked in and I apologies if I’ve wasted anyone’s time…Kevin

been looking at the Yamaha N8 which seems pretty straight forward but I wanted to buy something not made in China and after lots of research realize that RME is “the” quality so I’ve got the guy’s at the shop to install and set me up with an RME UCX… :smiley:
I know it’s the same mix software and stuff but at least I’ve got a head start with it being set up for me :blush:


Thanks for putting that up,