RME DigiCheck vs. Cubase 7 meter ?


Is there any tweak of Cubase meter to show same values as RME DigiCheck ? Now each values od RMS and Peak Level are difirent - DigiCheck shows -5dB momentary RMS, Cubase 7 meter shows about -10dB ! I belive RME meter but now with new Mixer Console I have no room space to keep it on my second screen, and I want to look at Cubase meter. But it showing something that I cant belive.

I set Control Room outputs as in the tutorial:

DigiCheck monitoring my hardware outputs. Then what monitoring Cubase 7 meter ? Is that difiretnt values a bug or can I tweak it ?


Can anyone using RME card with DigiCheck try and compare with Cubase 7 metering system ? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m setup my DigiCheck wrong ? Maybe Cubase 7 show right values ?

I can give you more specifics on how to check this later, but the meters are on with Digicheck here. Be sure you test with something like a -20dbFS 1k sine, mono, panned hard left or right at any sends to be sure you aren’t inadvertently dropping gain somewhere.

Thank you. Yes, I’ll check sine wave. Good idea. But why should pan it hard left or right ?

When you send a center panned mono signal to a stereo buss or output, it will pan/split that signal left and right, lowering the level of each side by the pan law amount (i.e. each will be 3db lower if -3db pan law is selected).

If you pan hard left or right, you get the full test signal - easier to compare with identical readings through the gain structure.

Things to check - be sure you don’t have any input gain on the master buss, etc (filter section of the mixer console).
Of course, all faders in the path set to 0. If so, then input, post-pan and post-fader meters should read the same. If you have some input gain on the master, only “input” will read correctly. Post fader/pan will reflect the input gain.
If using a send to go out Digicheck on another output, pan that send left or right as well.

If all is set correctly, you should see the same levels. Try a mono sine wave at -20db (there are test signals available from Blue Sky and Dolby if you don’t feel like creating one, or just want to be sure it’s accurate).