RME Direct Monitoring issue


Nuendo 5.5.5, PC, RME RayDAT.

I’m facing an annoying issue for a while. Opening a new project, direct monitoring, everything’s fine. After a while it looks like Nuendo/TotalMix doesn’t work as it should. I get some different issues:

  • switching to direct monitoring doesn’t change anything in Total Mix and sound can’t be heard
  • or more often, switching to direct monitoring makes Total Mix pans get centered and sound is mono.

In this last case, I have to manually pan Total Mix tracks. If I cancel and reselect direct monitoring in Nuendo, Total Mix pans go back to center, again.

Opening a new project, copying tracks to new project makes everything goes back to normal behaviour on this new project… since next time…

This is a major problem as it occures every day now. Does anybody encounter such an issue?


Nobody? Any feedback from Steinberg team?

I’m not sure why you are setting ‘Direct Monitoring’ in Nuendo.

I’m using an RME UFX/Totalmix with Nuendo and it works fine. All direct monitoring of inputs is set in headphone outputs in TotalMix. The pre-recorded audio in Nuendo goes through TotalMix to the cans along with the audio channels being recorded. No latency. All this can be done in TotalMix with no special settings in Nuendo.

If you are new to TotalMix there is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s great when you get it - it took me a while.

Well, I have to say I’m not particularly having care about TotalMix… I just select direct monitoring in Nuendo, nothing else. And TotalMix is working in background, having the accurate setup (let’s say it should).

But what has been occuring for a while is an improper communication between Nuendo and TM. Selecting Monitor in a track makes TM opens tracks faders and puts pan to left/right, but this is not working properly now any more. RME support sent me to Steinberg as they argue it’s a Nuendo/Cubase issue…

Maybe TM is a nice software but I don’t have any particular use here. BTW, trying to make things more simple or II’l end up doing mostly computer things instead of playing music… :wink:

Welcome to the club ! Yes, it often sucks…

As to RME… Total Mix is a real beast, but once you know it it is an excellent tool and you can’t get around it, anyway. Not helping … I know …
But I have never had anything like that since TM exists nor where there any probs with RME drivers for roughly 12 years. Since there seem to be very few users with similar problems, it might be a system quirk at your side.
I suppose, you went through the usual fun part of re-installing RME & Nuendo drivers, as well as checking with the computers sound settings, already.
Good luck …

Big K

Yes I know, RME is extremely reliable, I’m using RME cards since about 10 years too. The only issue I got was about the Vista>W7 soft upgrade. It was not compatible with RME drivers and I had to proceed the full hard upgrade and reinstall all apps. That’s the only one… Well, not exactly, I got 2xTCO, one was out of service, the other one doesn’t work too… Apart from that, not a single problem with any RME main board, Hamerfall DSP, Madi, RayDAT etc…

I’ll keep on searching, something wrong in ASIO between Nuendo and TM maybe… Really don’t understand what’s happening :frowning:


6 years on I seem to be having a similar issue on my RME HDSPe just now. I can mot get Direct Monitoring to work for me after 8-10 years of working fine. I’m wondering did you get to the bottom of it or have any insights?

kind regards