RME fireface 400

I know it’s old technology but is it still worth buying , ive just been offered one at a bargain price in spotless condition.
Im running TI firewire , are the drivers on the fireface any good on 64 bit ???

cheers john


Running a fireface 800 on an Win7/64bit with no problems. TI chip as well.
Anyway, RME frequently update the drivers-see at their homepage :wink:


RME driver are probably the best on the market !

im having major problems as ive just posted in a new thread

All I can say is leaving motu with all the cuemix plugins and stuff that I never used anyway and coming to a interface that has no gimmicks just straight AD DA conversion is absolutely gorgeous .
The Adams sound beautiful and running c7 on 128 samples the asio buffer isn’t even registering with 20 audio tracks running .

Im well impressed , it maybe old technology but im very impressed indeed .I think i’ll have to keep an eye open for another one so I can run a ferrofish a16 for the keyboards … Happy days !!!