RME FireFace UC (FF UC) & CuBase 6

I started using RME FireFace UC interface with Cubase 6 , Window 7 .

The Mic input routed through Input 1 or 2 of FFUC and Keuboard Line input through any input 3 to 8 of FFUC , I can get signal into Cubase and can record it with decent level, however, the level shown in Tranport Bar or input level in mixer is very very low. This despite raising gain from FF UC. Is it something I am missing in setting of FF UC or in Cubase? How to get correct level display in Cubase?

Should I turn on Direct Monitoring on in Cubase?

In general opinion on RME FireFace UC.



Try right-clicking on the Mixer and select Global meter settings. Make sure your global meter settings are set appropriately.