RME Fireface800 ADAT Aurora Lynx Cubase 6 Latency Problem

hello team,

first, i like cubase 6,

but i need your help because i have no idea how to solve my problem without someone with technical skills.

so i wanna use parallel compression with an cubase effect channel. what i do is: i have set up an external effect in cubase and route that signal to my aurora 16. the converter is connected to my rme fireface800.

so the signal goes from cubase through my fireface via adat to my aurora lynx… then back again and via adat back through the fireface to cubase 6.
i like the sound of the aurora but dont´ wanna miss the totalmix flexibility.

so when i bring up my effect fader (in cubase) i hear a bad comb filtered signal and that sounds like a delay is in the routed signal.

i think it is the adat bridge/converter… but what can i do to bring that signal in the right timing.

is there anything build into cubase to measure the delay… (when i try to compensate with the delay compensation button at the external effect button the result is 0. )

please help.

thx re

yup, if I recall properly, when you set up external fx, it has option to measure delay, or enter it manually. You will find all info on setting up external fx in manual.

i think i have focused the problem:

The Aurora Lynx Converters are FASTER than the Converters in the RME Fireface.
As the RME drivers deliver the latency settings from the Internal Fireface Converters I/O to Cubase, the signal in the parallel bus returns FASTER as expected.

So is there a possibility to compensate negative values?

I need a work around…

Greetings, Re

Could you explain with more detail exactly how you have set up this parallel compression chain?

Where is the compressor and what is the signal path and what signal path is the direct (no comp) taking?

Maybe it’s me but I can’t actually work out what you’re doing!

the problem is not the compressor setup

i´ll explain in detail.

if you wanna use external gear, you must route an output channel in your daw as send channel and an input channel as return channel. in cubase you can set up the channels which are used for your external hardware in a special menu.

then cubase sends the output signal to the dedicated output channel and the return signal goes to the dedicated input channel. no matter if you loop the signal or connect a hardware in between.

when you set up an effect channel open the external hardware plugin and send the signal there, the signal must get louder because it will be added to the original track.
this is working when i use the fireface800 converter i/o s.

when i use the aurora lynx (which is connected via adat to the fireface) i have some comb filter effects in the signal which is a sign for a latency issue.

Sorry Swinnxx if I seem a little dumb here.

Are you just doing a loop through- Fireface>digital>(Aurora, analog out>analog in)>Digital>Fireface with no hardware in between the analog out/in’s?

And when you ping for latency you get 0

no matter if i have hardware in between or not… latency in cubase shows zero… but in reality the audio is faster… so i would have a negative value… why…? because the aurora converters are much faster than rme ones…

I’m just trying to understand you’re signal flow?

There was a post on the old forum that indicated that delay compensation didn’t seem to work over digital connections?

Otherwise regardless of the speed of converters, when you ping for latency cubase should measure it correctly.

yes… should… but doesn´t!
perhaps because the “delay” is not expected earlier than the main signal?

greets. sw.

That my friend is impossible

no is not…

because the rme driver has converters and in the rme drivers this latency is sent to cubase.
then you send the digital signal to other converters. here aurora, which are faster…

so you have that too early signal back.

in my case i have tried to invert the signal and delay the other one… and i got a nearly perfect null at 0,95 and 0,94 ms.

so here the signal is 0,95ms too early.


isn´t that cool.

Ah, I see what your saying, in that case it’s still two positive delays just one is less that the other.

I still think the problem may be cubases ability or inability to ping through digital connections?

I don’t have any experience of external effect loops but I’d imagine you can fix it the same as you would record latency.

Play a transient signal like a snare through the effect loop set up you have created.

Record this to another track (Realtime export audio mixdown)

Zoom in to sample level & note the difference in samples between the original snare hit & the recorded one.

Enter this delay into the external effects panel.

thank you grim,

but i can not enter a negativ value.

greets. re

What was your result?

I use the same setup as you. Rme and lynx converter. You are right about that Lynx is faster than the Rme and it is the Rme driver thats being used to compensate for any latency in cubase. To use parallel compression you have to use a delay or something to make it in time. In logic you can compensate both ways. This is a problem for anyone working with different converters together. It is the same problem in protools(not HD).

Hi Tobbe!

have you tried to perfect null your signals when using a delay plugin?

to test this i have duplicated the track and send one to a external hw

greets. re

This plugin may be useful if you haven’t got it already?


thats the one i use. thank you

No I have not tried this. I do paralell komp. ITB- Whats your value on the Latencydelay plug. One thing that is also importent is that you have to compensate for recording latency when you use the aurora.