rme hdsp9632 on p9x79 mobo

Anyone had any luck running the hdsp9632 (pci not pcie) on a p9x79 mobo? I’ve just tried installing the card and it hangs for ages at boot up.

yes it works

Thanks Scott. Appreciate that. No special tweaks needed to get it to work?

none I know of specifically for the rme. tons for use for an audio system.
sounds like the DMI pool is confused or possibly system is under volted.

you did install win7 with ACHI or raid mode yes, good quality power supply?

Hi Scott. Thanks again for your reply. Really appreciate it. It’s a friends system and he’s had the machine built by someone else (who isn’t a DAW builder) so I’m just trying to get to grips with how it’s been configured :slight_smile:

I am in touch with the system builder so I’ll suggest those checks to him.

The dangers of getting a build by a non DAW person I think…:wink:

Just a thought…sorry…

He has dual Graphics cards - could that be a problem?

dual video most certainly can cause resource allocation issues.
even though PCI is native on that board there is a potential for resource issues.

on the other hand I have had an RME PCI and multiple UADs on an X79.

and yes not built by a daw company can mean so many potential issues.

Go to the ASUS website and download a copy of the manual for that motherboard! Read through the UEFI settings that pertain to onboard devices setup! I have the P9X79 Deluxe model and the PCIe slots are shared with other onboard functionality, such as eSATA or BlueTooth! You have to make a choice of whether you can use the slot for a card, or the slot is disabled in favor of the other function. You may not have those particular options on your motherboard, but ASUS may have assigned double duty, or either/or options for that motherboard as well! So two graphics cards… as You and Scott suggested, may very well be causing a resource problem!

Just remove one of the graphics cards for a test! But, start with the BIOS settings because ASUS will hide the motherboard limitations in the fine print! :smiling_imp:


best answer yet…

Thanks both for really useful replies. More investigating to be done :slight_smile: