RME Interfaces With WaveLab (Mac)

I’m considering moving from a Lynx AES16e to an RME HDSPe AES interface.

I have seen some reports over the years about RME interfaces causing crashing with WaveLab, particularly when you move to a file of a different sample rate. My Lynx handles this just fine but I don’t want to deal with this if I move to RME.

Is anybody successfully or unsuccessful using an RME HDSPe AES PCIe interface with WaveLab 9?

I’m on OS X 10.11.6 but will be moving to High Sierra likely after the new iMac Pro comes out. I assume it’ll ship with High Sierra and not Sierra.

If you get no answer I would ask RME to test it before buying.

I could try that but I bet they wouldn’t really go for that. My biggest concern is the time it takes to install the card in my TB chassis, wire it up, configure the software etc. Doing all that and finding out WaveLab crashes from sample rate changes would be a bummer.

Maybe I’ll save it for a winter project but more and more mastering folks are preferring the RME clocking to Lynx.

This is from the Lynx Forum:

When the AES16e is on INTERNAL SynchroLock cannot be disabled. When you turn off SynchroLock, you are using the PLL instead of the VCXO. For INTERNAL, the AES16e always uses the VCXO. Lynx Mixer lets you turn off the SynchroLock switch when the clock source is set to INTERNAL, but the SynchroLock indicator stays LOCKED because the AES16e is still using the VCXO. I agree this could be improved to be clearer.

Lynx also annoying changed the AES16e device name in their latest Mixer update which can destroy any custom software routing/config you might have which in REAPER specifically was a deal breaker so I rolled back to the last Mixer version.

Just wondered, you’re going to put a PCIe on an iMac? Is that still external chassis?

Yeah. I’ve had a Sonnet Echo Express III-D since I got the iMac. It works perfectly. I have my UAD-2 card in there, plus the Lynx. Before the iMac I had a Mac Pro tower.

They’ve also made a new version of the Sonnet Echo Express with Thunderbolt 3 that I plan to get when I upgrade to the iMac Pro but I think you can also upgrade the chassis I have if you want. The new ones are smaller so that’s attractive to me.