RME MadiFX no audio (possible bug)

Hey Guys,

Since Nuendo 7 I had a lot of problems with Nuendo crashing, most of the time the UI kept working but the audio engine just stoped.

After loads of testings I think I found a solution: when I set the asio to max 32 channels in the driver it seems to be stable for the last few hours.

Anyone else noticed this behavior? I’m always working @48khz on a 3930k asrock extreme 6.

I don’t think that was it after all… Now the UI froze while the audio engine kept playing…

edit on reloading Nuendo it crashed again on the “building eucon” screen for my avid artists.

Any advise?

It does look like this is very dependent on the latency settings. When I’ve set the buffer to 2048k the system is fairly stable, but not totally. When I set it to 512kb is SUPER unstable.

When the asio guard is set to high, performance is almost equal between both settings though, but as stated, one setting is more stable than the other…

All these problems arise when the asio load meter is in the upper 1/3rd or so…

I think I fixt this by reinstalling windows… Seems to run stable now.