RME soundcard question

I have a Steinberg CI2 now and thinking of updating to a RME AIO card. Do you think I will be able to hear a difference in audio qaulity?

I highly doubt. While RME interfaces are known for their extreamly good stability and low latency, their A/D/A isn’t “high-end”. It’s good, but so is Steinberg’s one. Hmmm … didn’t I read somewhere in gearslutz, that most RME and Steinberg models use the same converters?

AD: 107dBA
DA: 110dBA
AD THD: 0.004%

AD: 115dBA (Preamps) 113dBA (line)
DA: 118dBA
AD THD+N: 0.00063%


A measurable difference, “yes.”

An audible difference, “possibly not.”

RME A/D/A converters are of professional grade, and many recording one hears on the radio were recorded on RME interfaces. You might be better off first investing in good cables and pre-amps. If you really want awesome A/D conversion, you might want to get dedicated stereo input from Apogee and keep the MR for any multi-track tracking.

I have a RME Multiface II, and it’s extremely stable. I’m very happy with it. The YouTube video showing off the MR looks like a solid product too, but it’s made by Yamaha who I don’t see in the high-end A/D business.