RME style foldback recording on MR816 possible?

Well, my poor HDSP multiface system died after 9 years of very heavy use… so, I picked up an MR816csx just recently. Overall, I’m very happy with the unit, especially the DACs, pres, and super steady clock.

But, I already am missing my TotalMix software badly… knew this would happen.

My question is this: is it possible to do true, direct digital foldback recording without resorting to crazy ADAT/SPDIF routing? With the RME it was so easy: just double click the channels you want to record in the Analog Output row… the first click turns them yellow, the second, red. Boom. That’s it. You can now see that channel coming right back into the virtual input section. BRILLIANT!

You gotta hand it to RME–the make the best drivers of anyone on the market, hands down.

Does Yamaha/Steinberg have any plans to implement a similar system at some point? The MR Editor, as others have noted, is pretty sad, really. Could be SO much better.

An RME-style matrix along with true internal, digital foldback recording would be just wonderful.

This thing sounds so bloody glorious as is–serious routing options would make it a masterpiece!

Mods? Any clues on future plans for these MR816s?