RME total mix routinq question

I know this is most probably in the manual that I haven’t got and is more than likely quite simple ,but so am I so here we go ;
Im trying to figure out if it’s possible to route all 8 of the Adat inputs of a ada8000 into a stereo pair in total mix , is this possible ? So when you open Cubase or Wavelab and select the input of a stereo pair and it will be all of the 8 adat channels , does that make sense ?
The reason I haven’t tried routing the fireface yet is because the last time I tried to route something it took nearly a whole day just to put it back exactly how I started :open_mouth: :astonished: .
What im trying to achieve is having all 4 of my doepfer stereo panners going straight into the ada8000 and basically mixing them to a stereo pair in wavelab to sample .

any enlightenment would be appreciated .

What Fireface ?. If it is one of the newer ones with TotalMixFx it can bi done via loopback, But I don’t know if the Classic totalmix has this funktion. But you could to this via cables at least.

its a fireface 400 not the uc

Make your mix onto one of the outputs, then controlclick that output so the bottom gets red. Then you can record the corresponding channel into your daw.



aah brilliant , cheers for that , i’ll give it ago when I get back home :wink:

cheers folkfreak it was that simple , just like me :wink: