rme uc vs focusrite scarlett 18i6

hi there,

im ready to get a new pc and i’m not sure what interface to go for, i was mainly wondering about the difference in sound quality between the two.

is the difference in price more to do with how efficient the drivers are with much lower latency and higher track count or is there more ?

right now i have an emu 1616m, i plug a line6 pod hd to a stereo line in, a mic in one pre and a bass in the other that uses amp sim software, i use ez/superior drummer, hallion1 and ik philharmonik. i usually only have around 8-12 tracks and find 7-10 ms latency acceptable for my purposes, with this in mind would i benefit from rme ?

after i’ve got my songs on cd and i listen to it in the car or where ever, i’m generally happy with the sound although when compared to say my favorite guns n roses cd it sounds a bit dull, how big a part would one say the sound card plays here, or is this to do more with mixing/mastering skills and input source.

would either these cards be an upgrade from my emu?