RME UFX Cubase 7 strangeness

Hi All,

Longtime Cubase user (from the Atari days) here. I just got an RME UFX to use with my PC and have been using it without issue with the latest drivers, etc. with Cubase 6.5, stand alone VSTis, etc.

However, in Cubase 7.01, I am getting some ASIO strangeness. If I open the UFX control panel or change VST connections outputs, etc. I will often “lose” my ASIO connection. I will see the Cubase meters pumping away, but nothing makes it to the UFX, not seen in Total Mix, etc. I need to quit Cubase and reopen. Even when it does work intermittently, the ASIO CPU meter maxes out on low latency (48 or 64 samples), whereas Cubase 6.5 comes in around 20%.

Additionally, I can not get Cubase 7.01 to work at 96k at all with the UFX.

Cubase 6.5 works fine.

I tried turning off ASIO guard, etc.

I have new gigabyte motherboard, core i7 3700k, 16 gb ram, so I don’t think there is an issue with my other hardware.



I went and updated all the USB 3 drivers for my motherboard and for now the ASIO spiking seems to have stopped in C7.

However, I am noticing that while using C7, if I go into VST connections and start adding or changing Inputs, the Output stops going to the ASIO driver. If I then set the Input to not connected and reselect the ASIO driver, the output starts working again. This is very strange behavior. I wonder if this is a bug. Can anyone try removing the default stereo input and see if there is any effect on the output?

Everything working as it should.