RME UFX II not working with Cubase after latest Mac Update

Hi all,

I have an M2 Ultra mac studio, and just got the latest mac update (macOS Ventura 13.6).
Until now I was working heavily in Cubase 11 Pro with my RME UFX II Interface, and TotalMixFX with no problems, but now I’m not getting any sound through the unit.

I checked TotalMix, and nothing seems to be running through them either. I have checked my ASIO Driver is properly set to the RME, and Routing for the Speakers is the same as before.

When I switch to built-in output I can hear sound just fine, and the RME seems to be working with Logic just fine as well. I am updated to the most current drivers / flash updates for it.

Do you know what might be the issue?

Thanks for your help, it’s driving me nuts lol

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure the driver is macOS 13.6 compatible, please. I would also try to reinstall the driver.

Hi Martin,
I tried reinstalling the latest RME driver, and unfortunately that didn’t solve the issue — my Cubase drivers should be all up to date (I checked the downloads section and the most recent is October 2021?)

Would this then be an RME issue and best to contact them? What would you suggest?

Thanks for your help!



I mean the RME driver… Is it up to date? Is the driver compatible with your macOS version?

As Cubase works with the built-in Audio, I’m afraid it’s on the RME side. I would get in contact with RME support.