RME UFX - poor performance windows 10 FYI

I had been having what I thought was good performance in windows 10 with
4970K Asus Z97I + RME UFX
Cubase 9

If my project had a good number of plugins , (mostly a waves user)
My ASIO meter would start to spike randomly after it reached about 75%.

So I would just start rendering and freezing tracks where I could.

I just updated the firmware on the RME UFX …
It was less than a year ago I had done it previously .

Great improvement with the new firmware,
ASIO meter is smooth all the way to 100% no random spikes
Very roughly 50% better performance.

Hope this can help someone.

You weren’t kidding. Just updated and immediately noticed major performance improvements. Especially notice it with Diva, Kontakt and a few reverb plugins - nowhere near the CPU usage I had previously. GUI is much snappier as well, probably cause everything’s running smoother. Thanks for the heads up.