RME users: Is TotalMix FX a replacement for Control Rm?

I’ve looked at some TotalMix youtubes, and it seems there is a lot of overlap between the Control Room in Cubase and that.

For people that have both … does/can one replace the function of the others?

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Your sig says C6.5. Why are you posting in the C7 forum? :confused:

ETB - please help me understand how your post helped answer my question? I’m sure you must be one of the people I addressed the post to (“RME Users”), or at least someone with keen insight into the issue, or you wouldn’t have wasted your time answering. I don’t want to miss out on your wisdom and experience, so please help me understand your post better!

If it’s any help, I’m asking about Cubase 7 - thanks!

I’ve got an RME Fireface 800. It is possible to setup a headphone mix in either application. I found it was a bit easier for me to use the control room functionality rather than TotalMix but YMMV.

I’ve since bought the personal mixers from Behringer (yes- I said Behringer!) and now use 14 outputs from the Fireface to a P16-I into the P16-Ms via sends within Cubase. It works great and lets the talent adjust their own mix to their liking.

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If you don’t own C7, then you should have posted in pre-sales forum. You missed out on wisdom somewhere down the line. :unamused:

There´s a difference between Totalmix and Totalmix FX, which has some more functionality concernicg CR features. and is very good for standalone use for example. Yet Cubase control room is more advanced. And if you´re working in Cubase, using its CR is more convenient than switching between Cubase and Totalmix FX

Thx for that, rbowlin, and.thinkingcap!

I think I did mean TotalMix FX, sorry :frowning: .

I’ll fix the title of the post to reflect that. Does anyone here with access to both think TotalMix FX can replace control room?


Edited / added some points to my earlier post.

Hmmmm… according to sig., OP doesn’t even run RME kit. What could be the possible reason for this post? :unamused:

Yeah, TotalMix FX is my control room. I use RME UFX and I don’t need to use Cubase’s control room, it wouldn’t add any extra functionality, just extra hassle. If you have a Steinberg interface, however, you’re given an interesting level of integration. In that case I would totally use Cubase’s control room (also because I’d have no alternative, since TotalMix FX only works with RME products.)

Maybe he’s considering switching to an RME interface?

Awesome, thx papi61! Decent chance I’ll be running my newly purchased C7 on a new rig in the next month or two (will know in a few weeks!), and will very very sadly be saying good bye to my good friend and companion, the Delta 66 in the Omni i/O studio. Since I’ve had that for more than 10 years I think, I figure I better buy quality this time around as well!

I’ve been drooling over the Fireface UCX for a few years now … trying to stay calm for the next few weeks until I find out.

So, thanks for your personal perspective and experience!

(PS - if you don’t know him from reading earlier posts - don’t mind MashedKitten … I don’t, he can’t help himself, it’s like kabuki theater reading his posts).

Yes, I too use TotalMix and not Control Room, partly because I love the basic volume / dim integration with the interface, and partly cos I do a lot of work in Pro Tools and other DAWs as well as Cubase, which would all require different solutions otherwise. It takes a while to get your head around, but its very flexible and, for basic operation day to day, quick and easy combined with the hardware.

CR and FF800 playing nicely together here.

For up to 4 phones mixes CR + ASIO direct monitoring enabled (you have to do it in TotalMix as well as in Cubase) is extremely convenient.

If you need more than that, TotalMix offers up to 14 independent stereo mixes (think UFX even 15) - more than will ever make sense, never used more than 6.

Looking for a while myself to get myself an UFX because of TotalMix FX. Making use of the UFX’ FX would mean to use TotalMix FX instead of CR or using some kind of hybrid setting like cue sends from Cubase plus your singer with a little reverb or so from the Fireface via TotalMix.

Yes, TotalMix FX is not the most intuitive software ever designed, but neither is Control Room, for the record. Anyhow, both are not too hard to learn, given some time and patience. Like I said before, it all comes down to hardware integration. If you use an RME interface, Control Room basically gives you none at all, while TotalMix FX is completely integrated into your hardware. So, the choice is really an easy one.

Thanks again guys. A couple of weeks and I’ll know if I’m doing the new rig thing.

No big deal if not, doing OK on 6.5, and except for the pain and disappointment I won’t really mind if I can’t upgrade :laughing: .

Another question on Control Room vs. TotalMix FX if I could please - does TotalMix FX have an equivalent of the “Listen” button in the Control Room, as well as the Mono Button the Control Room offers?

Yes and yes.

Hey papi61 or any other TotalMix FX users:

At 13:45 on this TotalMix FX vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCH3qVaLL-I they talk about the “Cue” button, but it is more of a complete solo button than an equivalent of the Cubase “Listen” button (the latter of course where the other tracks are not completely muted, but simply turned down some dB).

I thought the “Dim” button in the TotalMix FX Control Room might be the ticket, but apparently it only describes how much all the channels are dimmed when the Talkback Mic is active?

Can anyone point me to where I can learn about the TotalMix FX equivalent of the Cubase “Listen” button please?

Or if there’s no “Listen” button equivalent on the TotalMix FX - as I really like that feature in the Cubase Control Room … how crazy would it be to have the Cubase Control Room activated but everything disabled but “Listen”, and use TotalMix FX for the rest of the control room functions?

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You can´t use totalmixFX for “the rest of the control room functions”, since Totalmix FX simply doesn´t have them.