RME users only.

Came to read about the C6 buzz.
*27682 [ASIO Devices] Application may crash when trying to access the Control Panel of RME audio devices.

Please check the RME website of driver/software component updates.

Yes, this one is worrying.


It’s not that it “got broken”, it was never fixed,this is currently how it works in C5.5.2.
If you try to acces the sound card control panel from - “Device Setup” it will crash cubase. So I don’t do it that way.
I just click on my system tray where " Hammerfal DSP settings" link is and make the changes from there. No problem.
I have not bothered to see if there is anything about this on the RME site, I have the latest drivers and such.

I don’t worry about this problem. Cause RME generally is very quick to resolve any problem about their drives.
Besides that ST doesn’t refer wich version driver is problematic, and the OS.

Ah, good, that’s the I’ve always accessed it too. I never noticed this problem existed.


C5.5.2 Never crashes with the ‘Fireface’ and latest drivers via Device Setup. Can even change latency on the fly by accessing RME control panel from Device Setup without a hitch.

I also just access RME panel directly but I know that there is no problem in C5.5.2 the other way as stated above.

It has been posted on the RME forums so let’s hope they reply with good news

whew that had me nervous. RME and crash are not 2 words you see together often.

I found this info from an RME forum, RME tech support says:
"Simply open the settings dialog from the task bar for the time being…

Daniel Fuchs

here is the link to that:

Same here…

Thanks for that… Puts the mind at ease :slight_smile:

Another FYI,
This is only an issue when you are using Cubase32bit on Windows64bit.
The RME control will open without crashing from within Cubase64bit (device setup)

So it seems there has been no change from C5.5.2 to C6?

Correct, but it seems, if you go to that RME forum link and read, RME is aware of the problem.

I had just read it. I was not aware of a problem in 5.5.2 because my fireface never crashed. That is the reason for me being surprised to read of an issue in the C6 problems form.
Also, notice that the wording in the known issues and solutions says that accessing the RME control panel can cause the application(C6) to crash… but it does not say how it is accessed.

Wasn’t aware about that, I always use the task bar, much faster.

Not only RME, in fact my Motu 828mk3 crashes when I change the settings on device manager-control panel. It has been since the 5.5.2 update