RMS avarage from Audio/Statistics differs from Wavelab!?

I did a mastering test of a song in Cubase and sent to the co-producer for approval. The song has a -11dB RMS avarage in Cubase. According to him Wavelab shows -8dB RMS avarage and not -11. How come?? :astonished:
It this a bug or does different audio analyzers have different measuring methods to detect RMS avarage?
And… which one is right? (I’m guessing Cubase here because Voxengo SPAN also shows -11dB).

The file has 16-bit dithering applied to it.


Please notice that you have much more RMS measuring settings/options. It looks that he has a different setting somewhere.



Well I hope it’s -11 as -8 would be a bit on the hot side.

RMS detection should all give the same results, someone did question wavelabs peak/rms detection here> http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=8526&p=57335&hilit=rms+detection#p57335

Are you looking at the average RMS and not max or min ?

Thanks for the replies!

Chris: Ah ok, I’ll ask him to check any settings. Must be it. I also did a test with Audacity and it also shows -11 dB avarage…

Split: Yea, -8 avarage is way too hot, even though many records are squeezed like that today :confused:

There is AES-17 option available in Wavelab.
If checked, calculated RMS will be 3db hotter (instead -11 you’ll get -8dB).


Bingo!!! :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: