RMS values in Analysis

I seem to remember having read something about this a while ago, but it occurred to me that the loudness as given from the analysis in WL7 was a lower value than I was hearing. I checked the same file in WL4 and here all values are consistenly 3 dB lower. What’s going on here?
Luck, Arjan

check Global Preferences / tab Formats

use AES17 standard for RMS values (or not)
check with question mark ?

regards S-EH

My experience and understanding is that it’s actually the other way around: WL 7 displays the correct AES standard (provided preferences are selected as S-EH helpfully points out) and it was pre-WL6 values that were 3dB ‘out’.

Well, I just checked with WL6 and the values there are identical to the ones in WL4, so the change was from 6 to 7. As I’m not at the WL7 PC now, I’ll have to check later for the AES preferences, but maybe PG can comment on what the reasoning is behind this change in default behaviour?

Luck, Arjan

There is no change between 6 and 7, but in both cases this depends on the option AES17 in the preferences. If the option is the same, the results are the same.

Indeed, it was the AES17 check mark on or off. Apparently I never changed the setting in WL6, so this is what I was used to. Thanks for the help.

Luck, Arjan