RMX / Omnisphere / Trillian Presets not saved within project


Since N5.1.1 RMX/Omnisphere/Trillian presets are not saved within the project. When I reopen project, the plugins will load, but the presets are gone. I use N 32 bit with 64 bit Jbridged plugins. This worked like a charm before.

Anyone having same problems?

I cloned old sata disk to new ssd 2 weeks ago. Everything (al plugins / nuendo etc) works fine. Can it maybe have something to do with this?

Wait… you are using Nuendo 32 bit… with 64 bit jbridged plugins? somehow this does not make sense, also the mentioned plugins are availavle as native x64 plugins, so why using jbridge anyway?
I would recommend using win7 x64 with Nuendo 5 x64 and native x64 plugins. Works like a charm here

Blackmagic cards are not yet supported in 64 bit because quicktime is still 32 bit. That’s why i have to use the 32 bit version of nuendo.

I read somewhere that removing spectrasonics authorisation files and reathorising the plugins helps. Anyone knows where these athorisation files are located (win 7 64 bit)?

I had the same with the eastwest play engine using 5.1.1. Settings were not saved in the npr file. I deinstalled 5.1.1 and got back to 5.0.1. Now everythings works again. I have contacted eastwest and steinberg and I’m waiting for a reply…


After 2 weeks of installing and reinstalling RMX/Omnisphere/Trillian rolling back to N5.0.1. and updating to N5.1.1. again, I still have the same problem that presets of these plugins are not stored when I start a new project, load the plugin with presets and save the project. When I reopen the project, load presets again and save the project, the presets are stored correctly…


It is quite feasible to use 64-bit plugins with Nuendo 32-bit by using jBridge - which is something that Steinberg’s VSTbridge can not do.