RND Portico EQ and Comp

Today, I received News from SB. The RND Portico 5033 EQ + 5043 Compressor are available.
I had play with the mind to buy this plugins, but then I saw the price, 500€ for each (800€ for both) :open_mouth:
Is there a demo planned ??? I don’t like to buy the cat in the bag …


thanx Fredo

I’ll give the demos a try out of curiosity. They are up against some pretty stiff competition at that price tag
and they must be even better than excellent, before I considered to buy them ( which I won’t do, anyway, and I explained why in a few other threads, already ). I will compare them to the LAWO plugs I just got.

I think the EQ is fabulous, worth every penny.
The comp. however doesn’t cut it for me.
Strange, because I really like (a lot) the compressor section in my CIB’s, which are supposingly exactly the same.
Mind you that this is a very personal opinion from someone who doesn’t mix Music on a daily basis, I am more involved in Post these days … I suspect -and know- that the comp is very good for some uses. Like moderate compression on vocals.


Hmm they do seem slightly pricey, I will have a listen though.

I have decided I can’t live without them so have given my hard earned cash to Digital Village in the UK. Cheaper than off the Steinberg site!


I agree with Fredo. EQ is pretty good, but the comp it’s not that good. I’m a compressor freak (I own almost every compressor released for Mac/UAD, even a LiquidMix!) and the RND is not as good as its price tag suggest. Anyway, the both are very pricey, even the EQ, if you compare it with something like Equality (DMG Audio : Products : EQuality).

yeah, but the RND EQ iq a lot better than then Equality.


What do you mean with IQ?

Typo, it needed to be “is a lot better than the Equality”
Sorry 'bout that.



I have to agree - even though I am a big fan of EQuality.
It’s not that they are so very different sounding - you can match the sound off the Portico with EQuality.
But what can be done in seconds with Portico takes a long time to match.

I also agree on the compressor - it’s okay, I suppose, but it is very bland.

This is quite off topic, but I recently fell in love with the PSP oldTimerME compressor PSP oldTimer ME | PSPaudioware

I like the compressor, it reminds me of old Decca built units. Nice and smooth. Good at tickling on a drum bus, good at smooth vocals. If you need more you have to look elsewhere!