RND Portico EQ and Comp

Today, I received News from SB. The RND Portico 5033 EQ + 5043 Compressor are available.
I had play with the mind to buy this plugins, but then I saw the price, 500€ for each (800€ for both) :open_mouth:
Is there a demo planned ??? I don’t like to buy the cat in the bag …



thanx Fredo

I’ll give the demos a try out of curiosity. They are up against some pretty stiff competition at that price tag
and they must be even better than excellent, before I considered to buy them ( which I won’t do, anyway, and I explained why in a few other threads, already ). I will compare them to the LAWO plugs I just got.

I think the EQ is fabulous, worth every penny.
The comp. however doesn’t cut it for me.
Strange, because I really like (a lot) the compressor section in my CIB’s, which are supposingly exactly the same.
Mind you that this is a very personal opinion from someone who doesn’t mix Music on a daily basis, I am more involved in Post these days … I suspect -and know- that the comp is very good for some uses. Like moderate compression on vocals.


Hmm they do seem slightly pricey, I will have a listen though.

I have decided I can’t live without them so have given my hard earned cash to Digital Village in the UK. Cheaper than off the Steinberg site!


I agree with Fredo. EQ is pretty good, but the comp it’s not that good. I’m a compressor freak (I own almost every compressor released for Mac/UAD, even a LiquidMix!) and the RND is not as good as its price tag suggest. Anyway, the both are very pricey, even the EQ, if you compare it with something like Equality (http://www.dmgaudio.com/products_equality.php).

yeah, but the RND EQ iq a lot better than then Equality.


What do you mean with IQ?

Typo, it needed to be “is a lot better than the Equality”
Sorry 'bout that.



I have to agree - even though I am a big fan of EQuality.
It’s not that they are so very different sounding - you can match the sound off the Portico with EQuality.
But what can be done in seconds with Portico takes a long time to match.

I also agree on the compressor - it’s okay, I suppose, but it is very bland.

This is quite off topic, but I recently fell in love with the PSP oldTimerME compressor http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins/dynamic_processors/psp_oldtimerme/

I like the compressor, it reminds me of old Decca built units. Nice and smooth. Good at tickling on a drum bus, good at smooth vocals. If you need more you have to look elsewhere!