road map and release dates

I’ve just installed the Dorico free trial. It looks like the program that many of us are waiting for so long… So thank you for the hard work.
Like many of us, i’m really focus on the play mode features. I would like to forget about Logic and DP as soon as possible. I’m aware that it is a massive work to just align with midi edition features of those two beasts. So I would like to know a bit more about the road map, release rate etc before invest more time and potentially money into Dorico.

To be more precise, have you got any idea of the next release content and date?

Thank you for all


I’m glad you like Dorico so far, Pierre. The next update, 1.0.30, is imminent and will be available this week. The next update following that doesn’t currently have a date, because we are deep in the development of some substantial new features for that update (including piano pedalling, chord symbols, and editable note spacing). You can always get the latest news about how development is progressing at my blog here.