Roalnd JV 1080 & Cubase 10.5

Does anyone know how to integrate a hardware roland JV1080 through a Komplete s61 keyboard into Cubase as a VST

A hardware unit can’t be a VST instrument. Do you mean you want to control it using the Controller keyboard and Cubase? Either a standard MIDI track with the correct MIDI routing and then look up External Instruments.

A more detailed explanation of what you want to happen might make it easier to give a fuller answer.

Go to Studio, More options, Midi device Manager and chose install device. Then scroll until you get to JV-1080. Connect output. Can’t remember where you can get the patch banks, but look around the site.

I(f you have any cardas installed you have to manually add the board , i made a template for my 2080 including 8 boards , if you swap out a board you have to redo all the preset names