Robin Gibb extremely ill


Yes I saw that yesterday, very sad :cry:

The Gibb family has sure had more than their share of sadness…

Stop that “Jive Talkin” :laughing:

Sad news indeed… :neutral_face:

yes, that’s bad! :astonished:

Sad news indeed, I was never a big fan after Saturday Night Fever… before that, I enjoyed their work.

I felt the same way about the disco stuff - more of a Crazy Horse or ELO kind of a guy. Funny thing is a few weeks ago I went to the piano and figured out some of their 70s stuff from youtube, and when you take the disco production out of the way, the tunes were beautiful, IMO. I never respected them as songwriters before that, but now I definitely do. I think it was this song:

I didn’t learn about their early stuff (orchestra/stringy things) until long after that. Those songs are some of my favorite ever, even knowing they didn’t write but a few at the most. So sad and haunting …

And what a ballsy decision to release “NY Mining Disaster of 1941” as the 1st single, “that’ll beat the Beatles and the Stones”. Wow, what a move! (And, that one WAS written by them - Barry and Robin).

And now, for something completely different …

Not the luckiest family on the planet :confused:
Saw them live in '99. They seem like one of those groups that have just been around for the entire time I’ve been around.

Looks like he’s hanging in there!

Been looking at his youtubes … so many times on stage he’d sing with a finger in one ear. I guess that was before IEMs?

Glad he’s getting a bit better -

He has woken from his 12 day coma…

RIP :frowning:

RIP, Robin… :frowning:

Yes, R.I. P.

The Viscount of Vibrato. Just LOVED the mid-60’s early 70’s stuff. Thank goodness for youtube …


very sad :cry:

RIP Robin - how can you mend a broken heart? :cry: