Robotic mega distorted noise recording on iPad

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I’ve been redirected here from the tech support. I hope I’m in the right place.

The problem that I need help with came up when trying to record audio (Rode NT-1 A, and electric guitar Lag Roxane) on my iPad with my Mk 22 ur II.
I’ve had this sound card for years and it works spot on on my Mac mini. However, now that I need a mobile mini studio recording, when I record on Cubasis 2, all I get is robotic noise with my voice or guitar underneath.
I’m using a cable USB 2 to Lightning. I’m not using the Apple adapter.
I’ve tried in two iPads now: iPad Air 1 and iPad 2018. They both run cubasis with no effort and record audio with the built-in microphone very well.
The routing is super easy. Crystal clear.
What I see is that the meters register lots of signal as soon I plug in the lighting end.
I’ve used a couple of chargers, in case that had something to do but there’s no difference.

Any help would be very welcome because I need to find a way out. A friend is going to lend me a lighting adapter in case the cable is the problem. That will make two iPads and two cables and the sound card as main suspect.

I’m going to post this on Cubasis as well just to see if someone has gone through this ordeal.

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