Robotic noise Cubasis MK 22 ur II

Hi there! How are you?
I’m pasting this message here after posting it on Mk 22 us II, because it is recording on Cubasis 2 where I have problems. On my Mac mini the sound car works great.

The problem that I need help with came up when trying to record audio (Rode NT-1 A, and electric guitar Lag Roxane) on my iPad with my Mk 22 ur II.
I’ve had this sound card for years and it works spot on on my Mac mini. However, now that I need a mobile mini studio recording, when I record on Cubasis 2, all I get is robotic noise with my voice or guitar underneath.

I’m using a cable USB 2 to Lightning. I’m not using the Apple adapter.
I’ve tried in two iPads now: iPad Air 1 and iPad 2018. They both run cubasis with no effort and record audio with the built-in microphone very well.
The routing is super easy. Crystal clear.
What I see is that the meters register lots of signal as soon I plug in the lighting end.
I’ve used a couple of chargers, in case that had something to do but there’s no difference.

The audio wave looks normal. The silences are completely flat. I almost forgot that.

Any help would be very welcome because I need to find a way out. A friend is going to lend me a lighting adapter in case the cable is the problem. That will make two iPads and two cables and the sound card as main suspect.

I don’t think that Cubasis 2 is the problem but maybe someone here has gone through the same hard times.

As I said on the other thread any help is appreciated and very very welcome.

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Hi @roxanelag,

Thanks for your message.

Firstly, please make sure to use the original Apple Adapter, when connecting an UR device to an iOS device. Once done, please double check the UR setup example shown here.

Please give the following steps a try:

  • Load an empty Cubasis project
  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down the iPad

Does it work to use the UR device with the iPad and Cubase, once using the original Adapter, following the setup example and restarting the device and app?

Best wishes,

I’m sorry but I gave up long ago. But no it didn’t work. I tried all that plus a different iPad and it didn’t work because, as I told your workmate in the tech support, the problem is the soundcard and not cubasis. Crap tech service support if you will. I got the same error recording on my Mac last week but this time it disappeared when I changed to channel two.
The interface is great but I wouldn’t buy one to use it on an iPad. Let alone now that I know I’m gonna be kicked out by your tech support.


Hi @roxanelag,

Thanks again for your message.

Normally, all supported UR interfaces have been tested on iOS and should work fine with Cubasis.

If possible, please provide us with a short clip which visualizes the problem.
Alongside, please give these further steps a try:

  • As mentioned above: Please make sure to use an official Apple adapter to connect the UR interface with the iOS devices, and follow the setup instructions mentioned on this page.
  • In Cubasis, please set “Audio Engine Latency” to “OFF”.

Does this help to immediately solve the issues?

Thanks again,

I’m sure they are. But you can’t tell me ‘Cubasis is the problem and here we don’t deal with it. Go to the forum.’
I sent back to Amazon the two wires (one of them was the Apple’s original adapter) and I ditched the idea of recording with an iPad (I tried an Air I and the 2017 iPad). I’m keeping my old Mac and using it in my second residence.
I can tell you that there wasn’t any latency at all and Cubasis detected the soundcard without problem. Routing the signal was super easy. Imagine the let down when I heard that c***.

Thanks. You’re much more helpful than you’re mate in tech support.


Hi @roxanelag,

Sorry to read about this.

As mentioned before, the UR series interfaces have been tested and have proven to work perfect with iOS devices and Cubasis.

Hopefully you will give it another try at a later time, and we exchange about your experiences again.


Thanks Lars. It’s a strange case I know. I might buy another UR for my second home studio and give a try with the iPad just out of curiosity.
I’m very happy with my UR despite this. It’s a very good soundcard.

Thanks for your help.