Robots, synths and raging guitars!

We’ve been trying some new sounds at the studio, trying to blend rock and electronic music. This is our first piece attempting to do this, still a lot of experimentation to be done, but let me know what you guys think! :smiley:

it’s an interesting attempt to blend rock and electronic, some good things goin on in the piece, gotta say 50 seconds before anything gets going is way too long…but like you said…still a lot of experimentation to do, keep on keepin on…Kevin

Very nice. The synths used to back the guitar were great for the ambiance and didn’t take up too much of the mix. I really enjoyed the D&B ish beat - with the driving guitar and electronic sounds it fit together great. I coudn’t understand the vocals too well - but I am guessing they were more of a background addition as well.

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

We wanted the intro to be very tenseful, setting the song up for the big drum and vocal drop, but it is a little long I agree.

As far as the vocal goes, we experimented with a lot of different things. It was difficult to keep the clarity of the words while trying to make it sound really crunchy and robotic. It would actually be great to know if you guys have any vocal processing techniques that could be helpful in achieving this. We tried auto-tuning, and pitching the vocal, and we’ve been messing around with a few vocoders, but any tricks would definitely be welcomed! :wink:

sounds very well recorded. Lots of youthful angst going on there. Probably too much much for this 60 year old but probably not for some younger folks.

haha! Thanks iluvstrats!

I like it a lot ,you certainly have a modern hawkwind feel going on .

well done ,very good track :wink:

@Filterfreak thats an interesting comparison haha, I can see the contrast.