Robust Stanza management

Most of my work in Dorico is reproducing pages from various hymnals. I’d like to see better support for managing large numbers of stanzas, as hymns often have eight or more. Generally, I’ll only put 4 stanzas (verses) in line with the music. After that, the additional stanzas go in a text box below the music.

Rather than setting up a new text box for each hymn, I use a master frame. But the only pre-existing fields that allow multiple lines are “copyright” and “other information.” I paste the additional stanzas into these and tinker with carriage returns to get the additional stanzas at the right height for the page.

What I propose would be a stanza/lyric editor that allows one to paste in lyrics in paragraph format (with inline hyphens). The user can then select which stanzas to include inline with the music and which to include as block text below the music. Inline hyphens would be ignored when presenting the text in block format, of course.

Along with the stanza editor would come certain formatting options, such as the ability to create a vertical space between stanzas 3 and 4 (often done in hymnals where there are 5 or more stanzas to help the reader keep his place.)

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