Rock: Annabelle

I wrote/performed/recorded/mixed/mastered I went for a vibe like “The Wallflowers”. Everything is recorded itb but I’m trying to capture an analog vibe.

© 2015

Nice one Steven ,this is good enough to be part of an Eagles set list.

+1…Kevin :slight_smile:

If you hadn’t said it was recorded itb, I would have assumed that you placed the mics and eq’d perfectly because you did capture that analog feel. The harmonies were also mixed perfectly. My only thing, and it’s not a big one is that a couple of times after the main Anabelle corus one of the notes in that line sounds just a wee bit off.

I couldn’t ask for better comments :slight_smile: Many thanks for listening and commenting!

I will give my ears a rest and come back to it fresh Gentoo

nice work!..really enjoyed it

Thanks ferencz!

Nice track.
The previous comments about the Eagles took me back some years to my gigging days.

Thanks Neil! Do tell about the gigging days :sunglasses:

40 years ago. Pub & Club circuit UK. Covers of Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Moody Blues etc plus a Rock n Roll spot for dancers (once drunk enough). Pub nights were the best. Covers of Uriah Heap, Yes (Roundabout), Deep purple etc.
Lugging around elec Piano, Elka Rhapsody String synth, cheap organ (Can’t remember the name - Winfield Copy I think), Korg 700, Korg 700S, amp, speakers, mini mixer plus lots more. All pre-midi & pre-Cubase. Stuck it for 12 months until the bass player legged it with the drummers’ wife, then stayed home with the rig in a spare room, concentrating on Tangerine Dream style music. Came out of retirement for a few charity gigs. Hated it. Turned to DJ’ing at weddings etc.
Those weren’t the days !!! :slight_smile:
Later, with my Yamaha SY77, Korg 01W, Korg Wavestation, Korg 700, 700s, and more, did a few church concerts & services (Tangerine Dream meets Gregorian Space Music). Loved it, but the world wasn’t ready for me :slight_smile:
The rest is ancient history :slight_smile:

BTW - itb? What is that?

Itb = “in the box” or more aptly “in the computer”

Thanks for sharing that! To be a pro gigging musician definitely requires a lot more hours of hustle and a willingness to endure a lot of crap venues to get to those few hours of music making and (hopefully) an appreciative audience. I had my fill of it by my late 20’s.

Nice… definitely has an Eagles vibe that’s for sure. Overall I think it’s a really good recording, though I thought there were a couple of spots where the two acoustics weren’t 100% in-sync (at the start), and maybe a couple of minor vocal pitch problems too, but yeah, good track! :sunglasses:

Sherz - thanks for that! Without a doubt I take the Eagles comparisons as a high compliment. I cut my teeth on the “California Sound” Eagles, CSN&Y, Jackson Browne etc.

I posted a (imo) much better version here if anyone has time or interest to listen: