Rock Bags

Hi fi there heres one i first recorded back in the 90s on an Amstrad combination hi fi unit, the Amstrad was a record player a tape to tape cassette player a radio and a 4 track all in one, it was quantity not quality , Amstrad was one of Alan Sugars (“The Apprentice” fame ) early company’s .i bought it from a friend for about £20 ha ha, i was ripped off,anyway .
i recorded this tune on the 4 track amstrad and some years later when i had saved up enough pennies and discovered cubase i thought i would attempt a rescue job on the tune, so i shipped across the 4 tracks and using the time warp tool quantized it and added some drums and bass and a few more guitar bits ,most of the lead parts are from the original 4 track recording which i recorded direct through a YAMAHA FX 500 which i still have somewhere . it is kind of a work in progress .thanks