Rock music - off-beat instruments correction (Cubase 5)


I am a beginner in Cubase DAW with previous experiences in Adobe Audition. I am using a Cubase 5 full version.

Currently, I am recording a rock album and I sort of struggle getting the instruments in perfect sync. Tracks are recorded with metronome and sounds ‘fine’, but that’s not enough - it fells apart when playing together. After seeing a few tutorials on quantization and time warp I am finally making some progress. The thing is - it is too slow. The quantization is out of question, since I have an older Cubase and it doesn’t support group eding. And I dont like the ‘quantization’ sound in this kind of music anyway. So I am editing the instruments in time warp. I got excellent results on drums, but it takes about 3 hours to manage it. And I don’t really know how to apply it on rythm guitar for example.

Is there a way how to do this correction fast and good enough, or I have to to do it this slow anytime?

I am just worried that I am wasting my time or something that could be done automaticaly.

Sorry if I made a duplicate topic, but i haven’t found anything that would help me so far. I always come across some midi syncing or beat loop, which I don’t use and probably never will.