Rock Patterns in GA5

Since a lot of what I do in Cubase is to demo out bass lines for my band, I decided I would take the plunge and pick up GA5. I remember using GA -the original- maybe about the time of, oh, Cubase VST5, and it was very simple and straightforward; I used the shit out of that Bonham patch!

So I’m all excited to start using GA5, but scrolling through the pattern styles, I see pretty much nothing that is compatible with the styles I’m going for. There are drum sets for rock and older styles, but a Caribbean beat just doesn’t work with what I’m doing. Am I missing something, or am I just a dinosaur, or both?


Well, I guess that was yesterday. Today when I load a rock drum set, it gives me patterns that were not there yesterday. Issue resolved, for now.

You ARE a dinosuar! LOL