Rode NT1 vs Sountronics STC-2 vs ...

Hey guys,

I am looking for a microphone and got recomended the NT1 and STC-2. I need a mic to record my voice and guitar. I have quite a low voice, but want to be able to record people with higher voices aswel. Because the NT1-A has quite a lot of boosted high freqs I chose not to go with this one since it may be a problem when mixing/recording higher pitched voices. Therefore I am currently looking at the Rode NT1 and Sountronics STC-2, any ideas which may be better? Or any other mics that would suit my needs around the 200 euro category?

Also these 2 are cardoid mics, are there any around the 200 euro category that allow me to switch from cardoid to omni/bidirectional?

Thanks and have a lovely day!