Rode Soundfield doesnt work with Ambisonic Channels

Today I discovered that Rode Soundfield plugin does not work with Ambisonic channels. Plugin is dead: no input, output, like there’s no signal coming in.
It works on Quadro and 5.1 Channels. Why not Ambisonic channel?

Is it me or this is a bug and if yes, is it fixed in C11 or C10.5.2 (which release notes are not available anymore)?

EDIT: It works fine in Direct Offline Processing.
My setup:
Cubase 10.5.12
Windows 10


I doN#t know, if this would help, but I would definitely recommend to update your Cubase to the latest Cubase 10.5.20.

I did it. No change unfortunately.

Ok, I got a solution thanks to one good soul on FB group :slight_smile:

All I needed to do was to go to Channel Window / Routing - and select ‘default’ routing. Now Soundfield plugin recognizes proper channel routing.