Rode Soundfield plugin doesn't working properly

Receive some ambience record by Sennheiser VR Mic. But a lot issue happened when I want to export to 5.1. Below is my workflow, please tell me if I’ve wrong step.

  1. Create a 1st order Ambisonics track
  2. Insert AMBEO plugin on the track, set to AmbiX,
  3. Then insert Rode Soundfield plugin, set Input to AmbiX and choose output to 5.1, plugin routing set to 1st order Ambisonics which is default.

I have insert Insight2 on Master out, LR and LsRs level are same as RODE, but center level is much lower and no LFE signal compare to RODE meter. If I raise or lower volume on RODE plugin it doesn’t affect output volume except LR level. raise LFE volume will increase all 5 channel ( L R C Ls Rs).

Same plugin and setting it’s all fine on Pro Tools,
I’m not familiar with Ambisonics stuff, is there any step I did wrong or need to switch another plugin? or Nuendo have issue on these thing?