Roger Nichols Cancer Fund

Nuendo Forum Members,

A legend in our business is in serious need of our help.

Roger Nichols has Prostate Cancer. The bills are about to bankrupt him and his family.

If you have something, anything to give… i know it would be greatly appreciated. He’s given SO much to us as engineer its time we show him some love.

If you feel so inclined, please visit his site and show your support.

Dennis in Memphis


You are a good man, Charlie Brown!

Guys remember, too little is never too little. Even if all you can do is skip a McDonalds lunch today and send ole Roger a fiver!

My mom passed away in 2005 due to cancer, so i know from personal experience how OVERWHELMING cancer bills can be. Not sure out more modern european pals understand this, but in america we kept being told we have the BEST healthcare system, which we might…but we cant afford it!! Many of our HMO/PPO systems are 80/20. So the Insurance company pays 80%. My moms bill was over 2 million bux all told…so 20% of that is enough to sink most families in the states.

Not getting an a healthcare rant…just trying to help our european pals understand our system and why help is needed. Plus Roger has given the audio community soooo much with great albums, tips and time on the forums. He’s never been shy about sharing tips and tricks to budding new engineers.

Give what you can!


Yes do what you can!

Theres a thread on gearslutz too encouraging people to help if possible.

Roger, is an amazing human and engineer and really helped advance our profession, not to mention he has given his wisdom to many through lectures, articles and the AES.

Kudos guys - Roger has added a great deal to my life enjoyment and approach to engineering. He’s big time up against the wall now. Got my fingers crossed for him.