Rogue Dorico file

I can open the attached file on one Windows machine, but on my second machine, every attempt to open it causes Dorico to crash. I’m at a loss. Let me know if I should upload diagnostics as well.
Venite ANG FULL - error.dorico (1005.8 KB)

Except for missing fonts, it works fine on my MacBook Pro; it does say that it was created in v. 4.0.10; I’ve attached a version updated to v. 4.0.31, does that help?

Venite ANG FULL - updated.dorico (1003.2 KB)

thank you for sharing

Works fine on my Wondows 10, Dorico 4.0.31. I do not have Swift LT font (nice font by the way but expensive) but there seems to be something odd about the (treble) clef:


I don’t imagine that comes from the Swift LT font does it? Could this be related? I don’t know chant but that does not look like a clef to me.

The clef is just a leftover from a SMuFL a few years ago (which is no longer necessary, now that Maestro is SMuFL). I don’t think that’s it, since there are several hundred files in this project with the same clef, and they open fine.

The problem device is Windows 11… I just realized that. Could someone try this on Windows 11?

I have windows 11 home on my new laptop and it opened just fine. Feels slightly sluggish to scroll, but no major issues.

Very odd. I still can’t use the file… thanks for the sleuthing help.

Works on my Wndows 11 also.

Are you saying that square box is a proper clef for this music? I don’t quite follow.

The square box is only showing as a square box because you’re missing the font the glyph comes from.