Rogue Flow

Good afternoon. I’m trying to insert a small music frame in-between a newly imported (XML) piece of music within ENGRAVE. The nearest I’ve got to it so far is to create a frame break then place the new music frame next to it. That seemed to work (after adjusting the vertical spacing etc etc) but for some reason, the flow that I created for my insert is following on from the completed music, tagging on at the end. I’m obviously doing something wrong regarding the Template or Layout Options but can’t seem to figure it out.

Dorico will automatically show all flows selected in the frame chain on the Default page template. By default, this is set to “all flows”.

If you want to override this and draw in a specific flow somewhere else, outside of the “main” sequences of flows, and you don’t want that flow to appear anywhere else, you need to remove it from the Default page template’s frame chain.

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Thanks Lillie. Done. (A bit tired). Whilst I have you. I seem to remember you making a diagram of sorts explaining the chain along with other stuff. Have you got a link to it please?

Here’s a YouTube video on the topic:

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