Rogue track in Artist 11

I’ve imported an SX3 .cpr file into Artist 11.
If I mute all tracks I can still hear the unwanted audio file.
If I solo all tracks the project plays as normal. No rogue track.
Any ideas please.


Is any track hidden by any chance?

Rogue track in Artist11.
Thanks Martin for replying.
Having had Artist11 for only a few months I’m not that familiar with it yet. Certainly not familiar enough to go hiding tracks. Besides my projects are not all that big to go hiding tracks, compared to what I read about on this forum.
Opening SX3 projects in Artist11 hasn’t been without its challenges.
This recent mystery with the rogue track cleared itself.
I was made aware that plug ins used in SX3 wouldn’t come across to Artist11 so I was prepared.
But other occurrences. Many files are missing. There parts are in place, but empty. Colours and fader positions are correct. But the files have to be reimported from either the Pool or the audio folder. Sometimes they’re not in the Pool. Lots of external files in the Pool.
On opening a project the first time the tempo is faster. Voices sound a bit chipmonkish. After two or three attempts the projects sound normal.
Also a couple of files in one of the Pools have a blue ‘X’ beside them.
Not an external file symbol. This symbol doesn’t appear in the manual.
A bit long winded I know but your ( anyone’s ) thoughts would be appreciated.


To me it sounds, the audio files were not stored in the Audio subfolder, so Cubase can’t locate them now.