Roland A-500 MIDI Keyboard Controller

This is an older keyboard model that is still manufactured (as I understand it) but I have read that the keybed, overall build quality, and key action are good quality, better than commonly found in similarly priced current models.

Does anyone in this community use one? If so, can you verify what I mentioned above, or do you disagree?

Also, any problems getting the controller knobs, pads, buttons and sliders to work with Cubase?

Dunno about yours, but even my very old Alesis QS7.1 keyboard still does a fantastic job, and I may never need another.

I have the predecessor to yours, an Edirol PCR. For a basic keyboard, it functions well - but for the more advanced features (ie., specialized transport buttons, certain mappings), it can be kind of hit or miss, function-wise…you can go either the generic remote route, and set everything up yourself, or use the one of the pre-configured device set-ups already in Cubase…there’s a Roland device in that list (who’s exact name escapes me atm, there are several) that seems to work with most Roland keyboards. You’ll also probably have to set your keyboard to ‘program 3’, or the A-550 equivalent.