Roland AE 30 pro & Cubase 12 pro

Trying to create a midi track in cubase using the Roland AE-30 Pro wind, controller internal sounds

My current set up works perfectly with SWAM using an instrumental track, but I have no output of sound when creating a Midi track with the internal sounds from the AE-30
I can see that data is going in.

The sound should be coming out of my Motu M4, audio interface, the same as SWAM, but it isn’t
All of my midi settings in the Roland are on and none are off.

Photos included

Do you see the meter moving on the input channel “AE-30”) when playing back the MIDI track? If yes, it is most likely a matter of monitoring. You could either enable direct monitoring on your audio interface, or click the monitor button (the tiny loudspeaker symbol) on the “trumpet 1 Roland” channel.
If there is no signal on the input channel at all, its is a problem with MIDI, either routing or some setting on the Roland.

Meter is moving-there is an input signal and I checked the “ scores” and there are notes on the staff line. Is there another button for direct marketing? I’m using the Motu M4.


The input should be set to “stereo IN” if you want audio, if you’re using Roland as midi controller then you need to select VST as output

If I want to use it as Midi, then the input in cubase must be a set for AE- 30 - is that correct?

If you want your MIDI recording to be played back by your Roland AE-30, then the MIDI track must output to the AE-30.

Is your AE-30’s audio output connected to the audio interface?
I’m also not seeing any audio tracks. You would need an audio track with the AE-30 Input bus and have Monitor enabled.

Here is a possible solution

The USB cable that connects the Roland to the computer is taking the midi data to the midi track successfully. I can see all of my notes in the score editor

In order to get the audio played at the same time while being monitored, it must be connected with a TRS cable from the output of the Roland into the Motu M4. I tried it with a mono TS cable and it worked.

My hopes was to do this with one USB cable, but it doesn’t work.

Your AE30 input and output is correct for the midi track and there are other ones available

I’m going to order a TRS stereo 1/4 inch plug for the Roland AE-30 output which will split off into two mono 1/4 inch plugs that will be plugged into the front panel of the Motu M4.
I think I will have better control over the stereo sound of the Roland internal sounds

I just wanted this option to use the internal sounds even though I use SWAM and Vhorns as my VST’s in Cubase 12 Pro

Feel free to comment. It’s a good discussion.

Alan Russell.
Professional Arranger since 1968

After working with this issue for about a week and a half I have decided to use the Stereo TRS cable from the Roland coonected to the Motu. M4 front panel achieving great audio, and no latency issues that you would normally gets with . a USB cable. All of the Roland AE 30 articulations are captured beautifully. My latest photos and settings ,using cubase 12 professional. Thank you all for your support and comments.