Roland Cloud Juno VTSi Issues

Is anyone else having problems with the Roland Cloud Juno VST instrument not playing midi notes consistently? I’m trying to use the arpeggiator and it’s freaking all over the place, even with respect to other Roland Cloud emu’s. I’ve detailed the issue on the Roland forums, but I haven’t received a response yet. From my Roland Forum post:

I have a series of MIDI notes drawn into a MIDI track in Cubase 9 that are played by a Roland Cloud Juno VST instrument. Long story short, the actual playing of the notes by the VST Juno is all over the place. Sometimes it’s 10ms late, sometimes it’s 1ms late, sometimes it’s somewhere in between.

Because I’m using the VST Juno’s arpeggiator, this leads to all manner of inconsistent behavior - the rhythms drag behind the click, sometimes notes are skipped or triggered twice throwing off the entire sequence, other times it plays fine.

This seems to happen the worst on the Juno and Jupiter VSTs. It doesn’t seem to be a problem at all on the SH-101 VST.

I don’t know what is causing this, but it really sucks a lot. Needless to say, consistency in something like “when the notes are played” is a pretty high priority. I hope there is some kind of fix for this. Kind of a dealbreaker.

I posted a screenshot of the Cloud Juno’s delay issue compared to several other VSTi’s:

I printed several takes of 5 different VST instruments - Roland Cloud Juno, Roland Cloud Jupiter, Roland Cloud SH-101, Steinberg Groove Agent 4, and Softube’s Modular - to their own audio tracks so waveform generation consistency can be compared. Here’s a screenshot of that info:

For the purpose of this little experiment, all plugins were not just bypassed but deactivated. As an additional comparison, since the Juno’s arpeggiator is being used, the Jupiter’s arpeggiator is also engaged. All midi information is quantized to the grid with no overlaps.

It’s kinda dense, but you can see that the Juno (bottom right) is the only VSTi having some serious issues with consistency. What’s the deal?

Anyone have any advice? I’m not sure if this is a Roland Cloud issue or a Cubase quirk, but I am sure it has pretty much brought my creative process to a screeching halt. :blush:

I have the exact same problem!