Roland FA-06 and audio recording in Cubase


I’ve integrated the Roland FA-06 workstation in my setup with Cubase Artist 8.0. Until now I’ve only worked with Steinberg CI1 as an audio interface. Now I tried the internal audio interface of the FA-06 to record the sounds of the FA-06 and also the sounds of my VST-instruments.

The audio signals of the midi tracks from the FA-06 have been recorded but not the audio signals of the VST-instruments. Needless to say that I want to record all of the audio signals

In the VST Connections of Cubase in my opinion everything is set up correctly. Do I have to set up a special configuration in the system setting of the FA-06 or maybe I have to adjust something in Cubase? Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.


  1. Either do an audio mixdown of said inst. tracks … Or
  2. Route the output of the inst tracks to a “ghost bus” then to a audio track and record … Or
  3. Select all mido from your inst tracks and “render in place” - if the midi is coming from an external source, you will have to draw in an empty midi event with the pencil tool for the length of the track and then "render " it again.


I don’t sit in the front of my desktop and until now I paid too little attention to the audio part of Cubase. Seems you are right and if I want to try out if the audio interface also works with VSTis I just have to render in place. Will try it later.

Thank you very much!