Roland FA06 not supported

Music studio doesn’t accept a Roland FA06 as a midi driver. Is there a work around or will it be recognized in a future update?

Thanks for reporting this issue!
Are you on Android or iOS?
Which adapter / cable do you use to connect the FA06 to your mobile device?

It’s a USB connection

Lightning to Midi Cable, USB 2.0 Cable Lightning to Type-B High Speed Cord

Have you tried it with any other app that accepts MIDI input?

According to Roland, the FA06 must first be configured to use the “generic” USB driver:

They also mention that it works with the “Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter”. If you can’t get it to work with any app, your Lightning to Type-B USB cable might be the cause.

In general, Music Studio works with all CoreMIDI compatible hardware, as most apps that support MIDI input do. The hardware detection and driver side is all managed by iOS, MIDI compatible apps such as Music Studio just need to fetch the MIDI input data from iOS. This is why I’m pretty sure that you can get it working, I would be surprised if there was any MIDI device that works with iOS but not with Music Studio.

I bought an atolls usb 3 hub and connected it too the apple lightning to usb camera adapter, this fixed my issue with unrecognised usb midi devices, the iPad Pro likes to have a powered hub, then it all works well with the apple adapter, it didn’t work with a cheaper non apple adapter (not sure what they do differently - maybe some will work fine, try before you send it back).