Roland fantom xr sound module

How can i use the fantom xr sound module with cubase 10.5, Apollo twin interface. 2021, Roland usb drivers not supported anymore. I used to use it with windows vista, usb driver supported at the time, so cubase could recognise and a spdif connection for audio. So i would Record midi then bounce to audio with desired sound from module. Hope that makes sense? Soo any help on how i can use the module now with, the Apollo twin interface, fantom xr module, cubase 10.5 and midi keyboard. Any help appreciated!


Send MIDI data from Cubase’s MIDI track to the Fantom XR. Connect Fantom XR’s Audio Out (or S/PDIF) to Apolo’s Audio In (or S/PDIF). In Cubase, set Apolo as your Audio Device and in the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs, set the relevant Input Port.

Add an Audio track and select relevant Input. Enable Monitor. Now, you can hear Fantom XR over Cubase and you can mix it with other Audio sources. If you want to Mixdown, do so in Real-Time, or record your Monitor Audio track to the project first.

Hi, thanks. I will try this later. Much appreciated!