Roland FP10


Anyone out there using the Roland fp10 for inputting notes into Dorico?
Does it actually work via midi?
Just hesitating between a (very) small desk keyboard or a full size piano keyboard.



Yes, Dorico accepts MIDI input. So, as long as your device produces MIDI, and you have a way to plug it in and get the computer to recognise it, I guess it will work for note input.

Hey - the FP10 has a USB port for connecting to your computer. That makes it super easy to just plug in and use with Dorico. Make sure you quit Dorico before plugging it in for the first time otherwise Dorico won’t pick up that you’ve added a MIDI input. I frequently use an FP-90 for it :slight_smile:

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I use an FP30 no probs.

In fact you can have multiple MIDI kbds plugged into you PC or Mac and Dorico will happily respond to all of them.

I think you’re referring to a prior Dorico version. In Dorico 3.5 you can hot plug Midi devices, at least on the Mac.

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Same with PC - just checked

Huh. I thought as much, but I had to restart Dorico yesterday because it didn’t recognise midi from my Scarlett interface…

Yes, I think 3.5 was the version that made MIDI hot-swappable.

Maybe that’s because the Scarlett is an audio interface at the same time and audio interfaces can’t be hot plugged with Dorico 3.5

That’s interesting - I wonder why, I mean and audio interface is exactly the same as any other midi device - powered by USB, same protocol - no different to any other midi device (which itself needs a midi interface - usually built in nowadays…)

Edit - I wonder if you’re thinking about the audio part of the interface - indeed, you need to restart Dorico for it to show up in the audio preferences. I believe that Scarlett’s midi interface is separate though

I guess it’s the interaction with the VST Audio Engine that makes the difference here. At the moment the audio engine seems to scan for available audio devices only at the startup of Dorico.

Indeed, that works. I have a Scarlett myself (never use the integrated midi interface) and did a test. When powering up the Scarlett after Dorico has launched the Midi interface is recognized.

That’s what I thought - must just have been a glitch

A small keyboard is quite useful with a laptop on the move.
Anyway I use my Clavinova 98% of the time… :wink: