Roland G-70 patch script for Cubase

Hi everybody, I am looking for the Roland G-70 patch script for Cubase. (to be able to control the patches from Cubase).
Does anyone has it to share or knows were to find it?
Thank you for your help!


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Hi, Did you by any chance find a patch script for Cubase? I’m looking for one for my E-80.
Thank you…

No unfortunately nobody replied here. :frowning:

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Hi, Yes! I finally managed to build one myself. It isn’t fully ready yet only a few entries but I verified that it works ok. I will continue to finish it tomorrow as its 1:20am time for sleep.

If you give me your email address i can send it to you. Please remember its for E-80 although it should work for G-70 with a few minor changes.

Tomorrow I’ll have a look at the G-70’s Parameter Reference to see if its like the E-80. I could let you know whats to be written and you could finish it yourself. Or if there’s only a few changes i finish it for you.

Hey this is great! :slight_smile: Thank you! Sent you a message in the forum.

Hi Chris,

I’ve looked in the Parameter Reference Manual of both G-70 and E-80 and am afraid there are differences in the ‘Tones’ both in patch names and midi data. So this means you’ll have to do all the ‘Tone’ entries yourself.

I could send you (starting) file of the patch script for G-70 then continue to do all the entries needed. I also will send you instructions on what you’ll have to do to do the entries.

Could you please tell me where to send the two files? Do you have the Parameter Reference Manual as you’ll be needing it?