Roland GAIA

I’m thinking about upgrading my M-Audio master keyboard and buying a Roland Gaia.

I was wondering if this is possible/worth it?

Would the Roland controls be able to control the VST controls in Cubase? For example, if I turned the LFO control on the Roland would it change the LFO control in a VST??

Any help would be truly helpful!!



I don’t have a GAIA myself, but I found this in the SOS review:

There is one slight down side for computer interaction, though, and it relates to Roland’s eternal struggle with the concept of MIDI continuous controllers. I really hoped to use all those lovely knobs and sliders to control my soft synths. Initially, all looked good; I turned a few knobs and MIDI CCs spilled forth. It was only when I began assigning parameters to some objects in Logic that I realised the envelope sliders weren’t playing ball — they weren’t sending any data. A browse of the manual revealed an extra edit mode that forces these sliders to generate System Exclusive data — but I could find no way to address the CC oversight. Let’s hope this can be remedied in an OS revision not too far in the future.

No idea if this has been fixed, but it seems that you can use most knobs and sliders to control VST’s anyway. It would require some keybinding though, turning the LFO knob will not automatically find you the LFO knob on your VST, you’d have to connect the 2 manually. (which should be easy enough using quickcontrols or midi learn.)

Thanks for your help.

Not sure it’s worth the risk of forking out the money if it’s not sure to work.

Thanks again.


I sold my Novation Remote SL61 and bought a GAIA, never looked back… automap sucks more than the assign button in cubase.