Roland Jdxi in Cubase Elements 7

Any help much appreciated. Trying to get my new Jdxi set up. Windows 10 drivers installed, Asio driver connected for Jdxi. I add a new midi track to start a song but have no way of selecting patches on screen. When I change the program in the keyboard, sometimes the program change comes through, sometimes not. Also getting notes massively dropping out - they are recorded in piano roll with volume and velocity values but they don’t play through audio. It feels like steinberg don’t support the keyboard - the list of device managers is antiquated - and the keyboard isn’t particularly good with a daw. I have just spent three hours trying to make it work and just managed to get it to play three notes in a 20 note bass line (although note values appear on screen and there is no latency in laying down the notes). There are no help guides or tutorials for things just not working.